Thank you for your interest in advancing your career at SAIT. 


When you are ready to start your application, you will be directed to ApplyAlberta to create a secure account. Make sure to keep track of your login information as you will need it when you go to apply for an Alberta Student Loan. There are no on-site facilities available at SAIT for you to submit your online application.


When you're completing the application, you will be asked to choose the term — fall, winter, or spring — when your program begins. You can find this information in the admission selection section for each program.

All full-time programs have specific admission requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for admission. In addition, all applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency, including students educated in Canada.

You can choose up to two programs per application. Please make note of the following before choosing your programs. 

  • Both programs you choose must be the same application type and in the same term.
  • Choosing two programs for $120 must be done during the same application in ApplyAlberta.
  • The first program you choose will be considered your first preference.
  • Choose your second preference by selecting Next Program.
  • If you only choose one program and submit your application, you must create and pay for a separate application to choose a second program – the second application will automatically be tagged as your second preference.
  • If the same program is chosen more than once – on the same or different applications – we will only evaluate this if it is identified as your first preference. Subsequent applications for the same program will be deleted.
  • Review your application to ensure everything is correct — you are unable to modify your program selection after your application is submitted.
  • We will only evaluate one application beginning with your first preference. Your second, third or later preferences for the term will not be evaluated unless an earlier application is waitlisted or declined.
  • If you accept an offered seat all other applications will be cancelled.
  • We will not cancel your first choice if it is waitlisted. Review Apply to learn more about application preferences.

Please find below some useful links that will help you on your application process:


How to Apply 


Academic Upgrading 


Important Dates 


High School Course Equivalencies 


Transcripts and Supporting Documents 


International Document Assessment 


Transfer Options

English Proficiency 


Financial Advising