The information below is for domestic applicants. International applicants will upload documents when you apply through our Virtual Application System. Learn more here.

You can provide proof you meet or will meet your program's admission requirements during the application process. This includes your official transcripts from high school or a previous post-secondary institute as well as sufficient evidence you're currently or will be enrolled in high school or upgrading courses. Review how to submit educational documents and learn what to do if you missed this step.

All past, current and future education completed at SAIT will automatically appear on your student profile – you don’t need to send any SAIT transcripts.

Transcripts from Alberta

Request your transcripts through ApplyAlberta when you are completing your application to SAIT. Your transcripts will be sent to us electronically and free of charge from any high school and participating post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

Transcripts from Canada (provinces other than Alberta)

Order your transcripts from the province or post-secondary institution where you went to school and have them sent to the Office of the Registrar. If you have a copy of your official transcripts, scan and submit them using the steps found here.

The ApplyAlberta online application form will give you the opportunity to enter grades for your current high school courses. We’re unable to use these marks for admission purposes. Your application cannot be reviewed until you have submitted your final transcripts or sufficient evidence confirming you are enrolled in courses required for admission. Review Transcripts and supporting documents to learn what we consider sufficient evidence.

Transcripts from outside of Canada 

You'll require an international document assessment to ensure you've met the admission requirements for your program. Please submit your educational documents by following the steps found here. Review our International Document Assessment process for more information.

Transcripts through MyCreds™.

If you're sharing your post-secondary transcripts through MyCreds™, please enter as the recipient email.

Sufficient Evidence

If you ‘re currently in high school or are upgrading one or more of the admission requirements, you must provide sufficient evidence of your course enrolment.

We will accept the following as sufficient evidence:

  • Class schedule showing enrolment in required subjects OR
  • Transcripts with future subjects indicated OR
  • Other proof of registration in program admission requirements and/or English Proficiency testing, if required.

Review Transcripts and supporting documents and learn how to submit sufficient evidence.

Choosing multiple programs

You can only choose one program per application. Review apply to learn more about applying for multiple programs.