The information below is for the following applicant groups.

  • Domestic applicants with international education
  • International applicants planning to attend SAIT in Winter or Spring 2023

For International applicants planning to attend in Summer 2023 or later, please find instructions to upload your documents here.

Get your documents assessed for admission


Applicants who were educated outside of Canada require an international document assessment.


Step 1: Apply to a SAIT program


Choose a program and submit an application.

Step 2: Submit your educational documents


Please submit your original secondary school/ or post-secondary documents with certified English translations. Scan your original documents in colour. Please do not send us original documents, for any questions or technical issues when submitting your documents to us please go to our Knowledge Base and type in your question, if you cannot find an answer you can request assistance by filling out a New Inquiry Form.


Click here to find how to submit your documents Submit Educational Documents


Make sure to include the following:


  • Secondary and/or post-secondary transcripts, mark sheets and examination results.
  • Secondary diploma or graduation certificate and/or post-secondary degree.
  • Explanation of the grading scale often found on the back or the front page of certifications or transcripts.
  • Original educational documents (in original language). If your original documents were not issued in English, you must provide certified translations.
  • Your transcripts must show at least three years of consecutive education (secondary and/or post-secondary).
  • If your name has changed, we will require validation of name change (marriage certificate, etc.).
  • If you have documents from the following countries, you must include additional information. Select the country for specific requirements.

Certified translation

All documentation must be translated into English, signed and stamped by a certified translator. We will not accept translations from an associate member. We will accept translations completed by an official translator in your home country.


What to expect

Once all of the required educational documents have been submitted, the assessment will be completed within six weeks. You can monitor your application status at


Alternative evaluations and assessments accepted for admission to SAIT

Step 3: Meet SAIT's English proficiency requirement


If your primary language of instruction was not English, you will be required to submit a valid English proficiency assessment test score completed within the last 12 months. If you don't meet the English proficiency requirement, consider English Language Foundations.

Application Preferences

If you have applied for two programs on one application, they will be assigned a preference based on the order in which they were chosen. The documents we receive will be used to evaluate your first preference. We will only evaluate your second, third, fourth or any subsequent choice if you are waitlisted or declined for the previous choice. In this situation, the documents you submitted will be used to evaluate your later preferences. You do not need to resubmit them.

Please note, if the same program is chosen more than once – on the same or different applications – we will only evaluate this if it is identified as your first preference. Subsequent applications for the same program will be deleted.

Review apply to learn more about application preferences.