The information below is for all domestic applicants and international applicants for Spring 2023. International applicants applying for Summer or Fall 2023 can find the steps to apply and submit their documents here.

Application preferences

When you apply for more than one program in the same term, we will assign a preference based on the order in which each program was chosen. Please make note of the following before choosing your programs.

  • Both programs you choose must be the same application type and in the same term.
  • The first program you choose will be considered your first preference.
  • Choose your second preference in the same application by selecting Next Program.
  • If the same program is chosen more than once – on the same or different applications – we will only evaluate this if it is identified as your first preference. Subsequent applications for the same program will be deleted.
  • Your second, third or later preferences for the term will not be evaluated unless an earlier application is waitlisted or declined.
  • If you accept an offer, all other applications will be cancelled.
  • We will not cancel your first choice if it is waitlisted. Review Apply to learn more about application preferences.


Next steps after your application

You will be able to monitor your application status under your mySAIT account. Based on the transcripts and documents we receive, your application will be evaluated and assigned a decision. Decisions aren't final and your application will be re-evaluated as it progresses through the admission process.


Application status

After your application is evaluated, it will be assigned an application status. When you submit updated documentation or progress through the competitive entry selection process, your application decision will be updated. Review the different application statuses including your next steps when one is assigned. 

Have your plans changed?

You can cancel your application through mySAIT any time before your spot in a program is confirmed.  

  1. Log in to mySAIT and click on the MyApplication tab.  
  2. Select View My Applications 
  3. Review the information in the Application Status column for your program.  
  4. Choose the application you wish to cancel. 
  5. Scroll down to the Cancel Application section. 
  6. Choose an option from the Reasons dropdown menu and click Cancel Application. 

If your plans change after paying your tuition deposit, submit a new inquiry for assistance. Remember, your application and tuition deposit fees are non-refundable. Review tuition and fees to learn more about your tuition deposit.

While you wait


Check your email

Within one business day of submitting your application, you will receive an email acknowledging it has been received. This will include your SAIT ID number and instructions on how to login to mySAIT where you can monitor your application decision.


If your contact information changes, complete the Change Name and/or Address form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.


Tuition and financial aid

Plan how you will pay for tuition, supplies and living expenses, and learn about funding options available to you.


Learn more about tuition and financial aid >



We offer student residence while you study at SAIT with all the amenities you can think of.


Learn more about housing >


Scholarships and awards

You can apply for SAIT awards after you've been accepted to a program and paid your tuition deposit.


Learn more about scholarships and awards >


Attend an info session

Many of our programs offer information sessions, where you can ask questions about your program and the admission process.


Attend an info session >