The information below is for all domestic applicants. International applicants can find the steps to apply and submit their documents here.

Applying for more than one program

You will need to submit and pay for a separate application to be considered for more than one program. We will review each application you submit - make sure to provide official transcripts and/or sufficient evidence to show the appropriate admission requirements for all you chosen programs.


Next steps after your application

You will be able to monitor your application through your domestic admissions portal status page. Review monitor your application status to learn more including instructions to log in.


Application status

Your application status will depend on where you are in the admission process. 

  • Awaiting submission means you haven't completed your application. Log in to ApplyAlberta to complete and pay for your application. 
  • Awaiting Payment means your application appears to have been submitted, but you haven't paid the non-refundable application fee. Log in to ApplyAlberta to submit and pay for you your application. 
  • Awaiting Materials is assigned when the aplication is complete and paid for, but you haven't provided proof you meet or will meet the admission requirements. Log in to your domestic admissions portal status page to upload transcripts or sufficient evidence confirming registration in courses required for admission.

Your application will be cancelled 60 days after it was started if any of the above statuses have been applied. 

Have your plans changed?

You can cancel your application through your admission portal status page any time before your spot in a program is confirmed.  

  1. Log in to your admissions portal status page.
  2. Select the appropriate application from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Withdraw Applications found under Forms on the right side of the page.
  4. Click the radio button next to "I would like to withdraw my application..."
  5. Select the reason code from the drop-down menu and click submit.

If your plans change after paying your tuition deposit, submit a new inquiry for assistance. Remember, your application and tuition deposit fees are non-refundable. Review paying your tuition deposit to learn more about your tuition deposit.

While you wait


Check your email

You will receive an email after submitting and paying for your application. This will include the information you need to log in to your portal.


If your contact information changes, you can update it through your portal at any time during the admission process. If you're accepted into your program, you can update your information through mySAIT. Review how to find and change the personal information on your student account to learn more.


Tuition and financial aid

Plan how you will pay for tuition, supplies and living expenses, and learn about funding options available to you.


Learn more about tuition and financial aid >



We offer student residence while you study at SAIT with all the amenities you can think of.


Learn more about housing >


Scholarships and awards

You can apply for SAIT awards after you've been accepted to a program and paid your tuition deposit.


Learn more about scholarships and awards >


Attend an info session

Many of our programs offer information sessions, where you can ask questions about your program and the admission process.


Attend an info session >