What is the Blue Seal Certificate?

The Blue Seal Certificate, or Achievement in Business Competencies Program, is a credential offered by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) to individuals with a valid Alberta Journeyperson (Journeyman) Certificate, Alberta Occupational Certificate, or another valid trade certificate recognized in Alberta.


Why earn a Blue Seal?

Holding a Blue Seal demonstrates that a Journeyperson has successfully achieved a reasonable level of business education (150 hours) and knowledge of various business subject areas such as entrepreneurship, accounting, human resources, management skills, and more.


The advantage of earning your Blue Seal is that you will develop valuable business and management knowledge to supervise a team, manage finances, or even start your own business.


How to earn your Blue Seal at SAIT


SAIT offers convenient and flexible pathways to earning a Blue Seal certificate through our courses and workshops offered by the School of Business and School of Construction.


With dozens of business-related courses as well as pre-approved programs to choose from, you can obtain your Blue Seal through part-time studies, online studies, or a combination of both.


Once you have completed your program or courses at SAIT and have reached the 150-hour requirement, you must fill out the Blue Seal application form on the AIT website and submit your official SAIT transcripts along with the application fee to any AIT office.


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