Alberta Advanced Education Apprenticeship and Industry Training's (AIT) Blue Seal program supports eligible tradespeople in the development of business skills/competencies by encouraging them to take 150 hours’ worth of approved continuing education/professional development business training with one or more AIT-recognized education/training providers, including SAIT. If you have any questions about program eligibility and the application process, contact AIT customer service directly. SAIT does not administer/manage this certificate program--we just offer courses that are recognized and qualify for the required Blue Seal training hours. 


How to get your 150 training (contact) hours  

SAIT offers more than 80 different approved business-related courses from the Con Ed certificate programs listed below. You can take any of these courses to meet the minimum 150 training hours for Blue Seal. You can choose to focus on one of our certificate programs to obtain the required hours, or you can combine individual courses from various certificate programs listed. The duration of each of our courses is measured in “contact hours” which represents the instructional/training hours you will be given whether you take an online asynchronous course, a virtual course or an in-class course. The contact hours are displayed in each course description on the SAIT Con Ed website.


The total hours associated with each of our certificate programs vary and may fully or partially meet the minimum training hours for Blue Seal. Visit the certificate program page to understand that particular program's unique requirements (including core and elective requirements and any course prerequisites). It's up to you to view each course description and take note of the hours assigned and come up with your selected list of courses to meet the 150 hours. Note that while you are earning training hours towards Blue Seal requirements, depending on what you choose, you may also be well on your way to completing a SAIT Con Ed certificate credential as well. Note that for our Con Ed certificates (Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Achievement), we require that all courses for the certificate be completed in less than five years. Depending on your life and work commitments and our course availability, it's possible for you to complete one of our certificates in 12-18 months.



How to register for a Con Ed course 

To self-serve register for any courses offered by the SAIT Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies, you will first need to set up a Con Ed Student Account as a new user. Payment is by Visa or Mastercard is required at the time of registration. 


Apply to AIT for your Blue Seal Certificate

Once you have completed enough courses to meet the minimum 150 hours, you can apply on the AIT website to obtain your Blue Seal certificate. AIT issues the Blue Seal Certificate (not SAIT.) As part of your application submission, you will need to provide proof that you completed the courses and how many contact hours were associated with each. Contact if you need help accessing your SAIT academic transcript.