The Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) Gold Seal Certification (GSC) program is Canada’s recognized industry standard for the certification of estimators, foremen, owner’s construction managers, safety coordinators and superintendents working in the industrial, commercial, institutional and civil infrastructure sectors. Being Gold Seal Certified (GSC) means you have attained the highest level of competence and excellence in the industry, have proven experience and stand out as a leader committed to quality and continuous learning & skill development. Applicants to CCA’s Gold Seal Certified (GSC) program require a combination of industry experience, education and training to challenge the Gold Seal exam and be certified.


SAIT is a recognized training provider for the Gold Seal Certification (GSC) Program. Our Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies offers accredited construction management and related technical courses that meet the national Gold Seal curriculum standard and are guaranteed towards your Gold Seal training credit requirements for the Gold Seal Certified and Continuing Education credits for Professional, Gold Seal Certified (P.GSC) certifications.


Learn more about Gold Seal Certification (GSC) program requirements including: program eligibility, internship application/enrollment, attaining Gold Seal credits and submitting your GSC application, writing the Gold Seal exam, and more. Note that from the day CAA qualifies you to start your Gold Seal Certification (GSC) program internship, you’ll have up to five years to meet the program requirements, submit your GSC application and be approved to challenge the Gold Seal exam.


How to earn Gold Seal training credits

Once you are qualified by CAA as a Gold Seal Intern (GSI), and have understood the competency and credit requirements you specifically need (based on your completion of the self-assessment tools provided by CCA) you’ll have a better idea which SAIT accredited Continuing Education courses you need and want to take. If you need more detailed course information (like course outlines) or need help accessing your SAIT enrollment history or student transcript, contact