All students have a SAIT email account. If you've registered for courses, your account is automatically activated about 60 days before your classes begin. Your login information will be sent to your personal email address. Access your SAIT email through Microsoft Office Online.

Email address:

Default password: birthdate, YYMMDD

If there's more than one student with your first and last name, find your SAIT email address by logging in to mySAIT and selecting Personal Information on the mySAIT tab.

⚙️ Your SAIT email password is the same as your Office 365 password. This is also the password you use to log in to a SAIT computer and SAIT wireless. If you change your password for one, you change your password for the others as well. Always change your password from the default after you log in the first time.

More information about Email and Logins