What if I need to withdraw?


The withdrawal deadline has been extended to Wednesday, April 1.

  • If you’re not in a position to finish the semester, you’re encouraged to discuss the implications of withdrawing from a course with your Academic Chair or Student Advisor before deciding to withdraw.
  • If you're an international student, please connect with an International Centre immigration advisor before deciding to withdraw.
  • You can submit your request to withdraw by email to your Academic Chair or Student Advisor. The email must include: course name, course code, SAIT ID number and a clear statement indicating your decision to withdraw.


What if I want to cancel my Continuing Education class?

If you choose to cancel your current Continuing Education class at this time, a full refund will be issued. To cancel, contact the Office of the Registrar. Given the circumstances and volume, we are doing best to ensure a refund occurs within four to six weeks.


I've been told my program/course is cancelled. Do I get a refund?

If you received a message indicating your course has been cancelled and a refund will be provided, SAIT will process this automatically and you do not have to call us. Given the circumstance and volume, we are doing our best to ensure a refund occurs within four to six weeks.


Does this mean classes will only happen online until the end of the semester?

With the Government of Alberta’s decision (March 15) to officially suspend all in-person classes for all K-12 and post-secondary institutions, SAIT is transitioning classes to online delivery for the remainder of this semester. If the situation continues or worsens, we will aim to continue online delivery for May and summer programming.


What about students on practicum?

The safety and health of students is our top priority. Alberta Advanced Education recognizes these are critical methods of program delivery and students can therefore continue if the host organization permits their presence. Students who feel unsafe in their practicum or have questions specific to their program should contact their instructor or academic chair to discuss alternatives.  


Will final exams be deferred or cancelled?

Final exams will not be deferred. Schools and programs are working to determine which exams can be completed online. If an online exam is not possible, students will be graded based on coursework completed.


I’m not from Calgary, can I return home?

With classes transitioning to online delivery for the remainder of the semester, you are no longer required to attend in-person classes and can complete this semester from where you feel most comfortable. Please be sure to let your instructors know. If you're an international student, please discuss your plans with the International Centre first — refer to the International Students page.


How do I report my absence?

Once classes have transitioned online, if you need to miss a class because you’re ill or need to self-isolate, follow the current process for reporting absences in your program.


Will I still be able to graduate?

It’s our top priority to move as much programming as possible to online platforms and alternate delivery formats. We are considering all delivery options to ensure as many students as possible complete their programs and graduate with the necessary requirements.


I am taking a one-day course/my company is sending me on training at SAIT. Is this affected?

Our Continuing Education team or Corporate Training team will be in contact with individuals and companies to offer the option of a refund or to reschedule.


What happens if I live in SAIT Residence?

As the province continues to move forward with more measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19, there is a need to decrease density at SAIT Residence and reduce the overall risk to our community. SAIT has asked residents from Alberta to move out of Residence by Monday, March 23 if possible. The Residence team is available to support any students who are not able to move out due to personal circumstances and accommodations can be made to extend their stay as needed. Email residence@sait.ca or call 403.284.8013 for details.


For those still living in SAIT Residence, here are some things to know.


I have things in my locker. How do I get them?

SAIT has moved to an essential services operations model. Buildings are closed and locked, with access restricted to essential services personnel only. This will maintain safety, maximize resources, conserve energy and ensure the cleanliness and sanitization of spaces.


We have coordinated an opportunity for students to come on campus to empty their lockers.


Note: Pick-up times vary by date and building. Plan your arrival accordingly. 


  • Access will only be allowed according to the schedule. There will be no access to SAIT buildings outside of these times.
  • Do not come to campus if you're sick — send a friend instead.
  • Clean out your locker and leave promptly.
  • Do not bring children or visitors with you to campus.


We are using this process to manage individuals and traffic, and to ensure the safety of our community.


Tuesday, March 24 


    8 am – noon | John Ware building, Johnson-Cobbe Energy Centre, Clayton Carroll Automotive Centre

    1 pm – 4 pm | E.H. Crandell building, Campus Centre, Cenovus Energy Centre


Wednesday, March 25 


    8 am – noon | E.H. Crandell building, Campus Centre, Cenovus Energy Centre

    1 pm – 4 pm | John Ware building, Johnson-Cobbe Energy Centre, Clayton Carroll Automotive Centre


Thursday, March 26 


    8 am – noon | Thomas Riley building, Aldred Centre

    1 pm – 4 pm | Senator Burns building, Stan Grad Centre


Friday, March 27 


    8 am – noon | Senator Burns building, Stan Grad Centre

    1 pm – 4 pm | Thomas Riley building, Aldred Centre


Message from Saitsa


If you can’t make it to clean out your locker, we will not be emptying lockers until (at the very earliest) June 15, 2020. Your items will stay in your locker. We want you to be assured that we will not be removing items from your locker until you have been contacted. If you have any questions, please email  lockers@edu.sait.ca