Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) has posted new information for apprentices on its website.


SAIT, in partnership with AIT, is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our communities while valuing academic integrity and supporting apprenticeship progressions.


Is my program continuing or cancelled?

If you started, or are starting, your classroom instruction on or after March 2, unfortunately your session is cancelled.

  • This applies to: March-April and May-June intakes for apprenticeship training.
  • SAIT will provide a full refund, regardless of stage in the program. Refunds will be issued by our Office of the Registrar and will take at least four to six weeks to process.
  • AIT is working on a solution where priority will be given to affected apprentices seeking to re-register for classes in the 2020/21 academic year. Details to follow.
  • Visit for more information.


If you started your classroom instruction before March 2, 2020, portions of your program will continue online.

  • You will be contacted by your SAIT program chair or instructor about next steps for distance learning options, assessments and completion.
  • Distance learning will begin the week of March 23.
  • Apprentices who complete the program and are in good academic standing will not be required to challenge the provincial theory or practical examinations.
  • Completing apprentices who qualify to write the Interprovincial Exam will write it at a later date as determined by AIT.
  • AIT will extend the completion of these periods by two weeks to allow time for the institutes to get the programs online and for Apprentices to adjust to the online format.
  • Apprentices opting not to continue will have their tuition refunded and will have to register for technical training at a later date.


Some programs that are continuing will shift theory training to an online format and the lab component of technical training will be postponed and rescheduled to a later date once SAIT returns to full operations.


What if my program is already delivered online?

For programs where distance delivery modes are already in place (e.g. Parts Technician) apprentices will be allowed to continue in these programs regardless of portion of the program completed to date.


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When will I be able to write my exam or practical assessment?

All Apprenticeship and Industry Training exams being written at an AIT office will be suspended until further notice. Reintroduction of exams will be dependent on the development of a plan that protects the health of AIT staff and clients.


Practical assessments will be suspended until the fall.


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Will my Employment Insurance be affected?

AIT is in conversation with the federal government to understand how employment insurance rules will be considered given these extraordinary times.


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