If you need a letter to confirm that you're enrolled at SAIT or a form filled out in order to access RESPs, scholarships, or other sources of funding, you can request one through mySAIT.

Follow the steps below to request a confirmation of enrolment through mySAIT.

  1. Log in to mySAIT
  2. Go to the myStudent tab
  3. Choose Request Confirmation of Enrolment Letter
  4. Follow the remaining steps indicated in mySAIT 

Your Confirmation of Enrolment letter will be uploaded to MyCreds™️ (where you can access it at any time) approximately five business days after you submit your request. You will receive an email from MyCreds, when your letter is available. Check your personal email or SAIT email for the MyCreds notification.

To share the letter with a third party, you must purchase “share credits” directly through MyCreds™ — each share credit costs $10 plus applicable taxes and allows you to share your letter once. If you want to download a copy of the letter, you need to share the document with yourself in MyCreds first.

Some financial institutions or third-party organizations may require specific forms signed by SAIT. In this case, you can upload the appropriate forms and submit an inquiry to the Office of the Registrar to have the form filled out and signed. 

You must purchase share credits to view, send or download a copy of your confirmation of enrolment. Each credit costs $10 plus applicable taxes and allows you to share your letter once. You only need to purchase one credit to view your document whenever you need it. 

Additional share credits are required to share or download the document more than once. You’ll need to have at least one share credit purchased to view any updates to your letter. 

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