If you're in high school, upgrading, waiting for your transcripts to be sent to SAIT, or waiting for the results of an international document assessment, you can submit anticipated final grades. Anticipated final grades are your best guess as to what grade you'll achieve in the courses required for admission to your program. If you've already completed the admission requirements, think of this as self-declaring the grades you have in the required courses. This way, we’ll be able to move forward with your application while you're still completing courses or waiting to learn the results of your document assessment. 

Not sure what to use? Here are some tips to help you determine what to use as your anticipated final grades.
  • If you're currently upgrading, use your current mark as your anticipated final grade.
  • Use the grade you received in the previous level. For example, if you received a 60% in grade 11 Math, use 60% as your anticipated grade 12 Math mark.
  • For programs with no selection, use the minimum required grade. You'll need to provide proof of a grade equal to or higher than the minimum if you're offered a seat.

You can submit anticipated final grades during the online application or by uploading them through mySAIT now. Full instructions can be found by reviewing our transcripts and supporting documents page.