If you’ve already taken courses or have completed another program through another post-secondary institution, your credits earned may be eligible for transfer credit into a SAIT program.

Transfer credit is a formal learning assessment of credit courses you've completed which may be eligible to transfer to SAIT. After you've been accepted into a SAIT program or enrolled in a continuing education course, you can apply to have your previous post-secondary education evaluated. We'll determine if you can be granted credit for courses specific to your SAIT program.

Once eligibility criteria are met, you must apply for transfer credit and submit a transfer credit application package, including:

  • Complete the  Transfer Credit Application form. Carefully review and fully complete the application form.
  • Submit your transcripts from previous institutions. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted provided the institution's name and your name is listed on the document. All external courses being used for credit must be on your transcript with the final posted result.
  • Submit a detailed course outline/syllabus for each external course being used for credit. Outlines must be from the year and semester the course was taken; no website or calendar course descriptions. Once complete, you can submit your transfer credit application package to the Office of the Registrar by email or in person during office hours. Your application package will be reviewed to ensure all the required materials are present. If anything is missing, the Office of the Registrar will contact you by email with a request for additional materials. When all material is present, your application package will be submitted to the program's Academic Chair for final review.

To receive a tuition refund, transfer credit requests must be completed prior to the course add/drop deadline. You're able to apply for course credit after the add/drop deadline up to the midpoint of the course, however, you will not receive a tuition refund.

You should register in, continue attending, and not drop or withdraw from the SAIT course until you've been advised of the success of your transfer credit application.

Click here to download the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Request form