Overlapping courses

This happens when multiple courses occur at the same time during different weeks. You can clarify the exact date and time for each class in a particular course by reviewing the schedule details tab on MySait.

What do the different course types mean?

  • Online Synchronous —  Your instructor will deliver scheduled lectures at the times listed.
  • Online Asynchronous — You can log in at any time. Your instructors may assign deadlines to specific tasks or projects.
  • Online Remote Access — You'll need to log in to a specific room at a specific time. Note: these classes will still be online. You will not physically attend class on campus.
  • Online/Face-to-face — Classes are scheduled in-person. If COVID-19 restrictions were to increase, we would follow government guidelines and move these classes online.
  • Class — You’ll attend face-to-face class on campus. Check the building and room for your on-campus class location.

A visual representation of these course delivery meet types can be found here.

Please note: Check your schedule regularly as it is subject to change.

Find the date and times for your classes in your schedule on mySAIT or the Ellucian GO app. Check your schedule regularly as it is subject to change.


Review the delivery method found on your program page for to confirm whether your program will be completely online, face-to-face or delivered in a blended format.


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