All SAIT students must register to secure their courses. If you’re a continuing student, self-registration may be a new process.

Registration is now open for Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 programs starting in July. All students will receive an email from SAIT when registration opens. Register before your tuition payment deadline and register early to secure a seat in your required courses. If you register in a course after the tuition payment deadline, your tuition will be due immediately.

❗️ Important notice regarding COVID-19: please read before registering❗️

When you register

To register, you’ll choose a block of courses or individual courses as applicable to your program through mySAIT.

The courses you can choose are based on your progress within your program. This means any previous course withdrawals could result in registration errors. You may also run into issues if courses are full. Please speak with your program advisor or academic chair if you have any questions about space or progression in your program.

You may encounter one or more errors when you try to choose your courses or block. If you receive one of the following errors or any other registration error and you’re unable to resolve it, speak with your program advisor or academic chair.

Pre-requisite error
You may be told pre-requisites prevent you from registering in one or more courses. This means you’re missing a course from a previous semester required to take a current course.
Co-requisite error
You could be told you’re not registered in the co-requisite course. This means there is a corresponding course you also need to add. Your program advisor or academic chair can help you find the correct course.
Link error
You’ll get a link error if you register in a course that requires a corresponding lab. Speak with your program advisor or academic chair to discuss availability for required labs.
Field of study error
There are times when a course may be reserved for a specific program or major. If this happens, you’ll be told your field of study prevents you from registering.
Time conflict
This means you’ve selected two courses scheduled at the same time and you need to adjust your choice.
Closed section
This means the course section you selected is full. You’ll need to adjust your choice.

Checking your schedule

Your schedule for Spring/Summer 2021 — including class dates and times — will be available through mySAIT or Ellucian GO after you register.

Course dates and times are subject to change. Check your schedule again before your first day of classes.

Making sense of your schedule

Overlapping courses

This happens when multiple courses occur at the same time during different weeks. You can clarify the exact date and time for each class in a particular course by reviewing the schedule details tab.

What do the different course types mean?

  • Online Synchronous — Your instructor will deliver scheduled lectures at the times listed.
  • Online Asynchronous — You can log in at any time. Your instructors may assign deadlines to specific tasks or projects.
  • Online Remote Access — You'll need to log in to a specific room at a specific time. Note: these classes will still be online. You will not physically attend class on campus.
  • Class — You’ll attend face-to-face class on campus. Check the building and room for your on-campus class location.

Please note: Check your schedule regularly as it is subject to change.


Please contact you program advisor if you have any problems choosing your courses.