If you've applied online through Student Aid Alberta and are approved for a student loan before the tuition payment deadline, SAIT will electronically confirm your full-time enrolment and request that payment is sent directly from Student Aid Alberta. This means that your tuition payment deadline will be deferred until your loan disbursement date.

  • We can only request payment if your loan is approved. 
  • You will need to pay your tuition if your loan is still being processed by your program's tuition deadline. If your loan does not cover the entire amount owing for tuition and fees, then you're responsible for paying the difference on or before the tuition payment deadline. You can find how much we’ll receive from Student Aid under the Student Awards and Financial Aid information in the myStudent tab.

Please note: the information below is for loans through Student Aid Alberta. Review student loans for instructions if you're a resident of a different Canadian province.

How to use your student loan to pay your tuition fees

Step one: Check your tuition balance on mySAIT
  • Log on to mySAIT.ca and select the  myStudent tab.
  • Click on  Account Summary by Term, then select My Finance.
  • Select Student Account located under the Account Information heading.
  • Choose Account Summary to find the accurate account balance.
Step two: Verify the tuition portion being sent to SAIT from Student Aid Alberta
  • Go to the myStudent tab and choose Student Awards and Financial Aid in the Finance menu
  • Choose View My Student Aid, then continue to see the details of your student loan

The Remit to School Amount is how much money will be paid to SAIT. Ensure this is equal to the amount owing in your account summary. If the amount to be remitted is lower, you'll be responsible to pay the difference.

The Disbursement Date is when your tuition will be sent to SAIT. Your tuition payment deadline will be extended until your loan disbursement date.

Step three: Make sure your student loan funding covers your full tuition balance
  • Compare your account balance to the Remit to School Amount.
  • If the tuition portion being sent directly to SAIT is not enough to cover your tuition balance, you will need to pay the difference on or before the tuition payment deadline.  
  • Please do not overpay your tuition. If you have concerns over your loan disbursements contact the Office of the Registrar.
Step four: Receiving your loan money
  • Check student awards portal for your student award letter and two Master Student Financial Aid Agreement (MSFAA) forms.
  • There will be one form for your Alberta loans and one for your Canada loans.
  • Fill out, sign and date both forms submit each form through the appropriate student loans portal.

Tuition refunds

If you’ve paid SAIT more money than you owe, the credit balance will remain on your account with SAIT until the end of the academic year.  Your credit will be carried forward in your account and applied to the next applicable academic term charges or will be refunded if do not have any active registrations for future terms.

Since SAIT's fee deadline is before student loan confirmations can be completed, it is recommended students who have been approved for a student loan wait until SAIT confirms their loan before paying their tuition and fees.

Students are recommended from making any overpayments in excess of what is required, as all credits resulting from overpayments will be not refunded.

For more information about student loans click here.