If you didn't take High School in Alberta, order your transcripts from the province or post-secondary institution where you went to school and have them sent to the Office of the Registrar. If you already have a copy of your transcripts, you can scan them and submit following the steps found here. 

Home school courses

We will only accept home school courses that appear on an official high school transcript issued by a provincial ministry of education  we do not accept progress reports or documentation from home school providers for admission to our programs. Please contact the education ministry from your home province to discuss having your courses included on an official transcript.

Anticipated final grades

You'll have the option to input your grades for relevant high school subjects when you are filling out the  online application form. We'll use these marks for admission until your final transcript is received. If you already applied and missed this step, you can find instructions to submit your anticipated final grades here.

If you want to know what subjects we accept for admission, click on the link below and choose your province to see some of the high school courses commonly accepted for admission to SAIT programs. The information below is a guideline and does not include all of the courses acceptable for admission.

High School Course Equivalencies