In order for you to be offered a seat in a SAIT program, you must provide proof you meet or will meet the admission requirements. You don’t need to order transcripts in mySAIT if you have applied for a SAIT program. Your grades automatically appear on your student profile and will be used when we review your application.

Follow these steps to submit your educational documents and/or sufficient evidence confirming enrolment in courses required for admission.

  1. Log in to your domestic admissions portal status page
  2. Choose the appropriate application from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down and select the document you will be uploading from the drop-down menu under UploadMaterials.
  4. Select Choose file to locate the document saved on your computer or device.
  5. Click Upload.

Your documents will appear under your application checklist with the date it was uploaded. 

What to know when submitting your documents

  • Allow up to one business for changes to be reflected on your portal status page. 
  • Your application will remain as Awaiting Materials until you upload the required documents.
  • Your application will be cancelled if your documents are not received within 60 days after it was started.
  • If we receive proof you meet or will meet the admission requirements after the program is full, you may be placed on a waitlist — review waitlists for more details and options available if you're offered a waitlist spot.

Choosing Multiple Programs

You can only choose one program per application. Review apply if you wish to be considered for more than one program.