Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the Winter term 2020, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) students have the option of accepting the assigned letter grade, requesting a Credit “CR” grade or requesting a Withdrawal “W” grade for each of their Winter 2020 courses. The use of the “CR” and “W” grades in this situation has some minimal impact on SAIT’s grading and admissions procedures, as follows.


“CR” - Completed Requirements. Carries no weight in calculating the grade point average (GPA). Credits will not be counted as an attempt for academic standing review. A transcript comment will be added to the student record for the Winter 2020 term. 

“W” - Did not meet course requirements. Carries no weight in calculating the GPA. Credits will be counted as an attempt for academic standing review. 

1. Credits attempted: While the “CR/W” grades do not carry weight, the credits attempted with a course graded using the “W” will still be considered when determining if an academic standing should be calculated. For example, if a student attempted 15 credits during the winter 2020 term and requested 6 credits be graded with “W”, these 6 credits would still be captured in determining the credit threshold for an academic standing calculation. 

2. “W” Grades: All “W” grades will be treated as weighted for the Winter 2020 term—i.e., a 'W' grade will be considered as an attempt, but it will not affect GPA. 

3. GPA calculation: the GPA calculation will be based on all courses completed in the term that include a grade point value (“CR” and “W” are not included). 

4. Academic Standing Calculation: The calculation will be triggered when the credits attempted meets the threshold of a minimum of 9 credits attempted since the last academic calculation. Once a student has attempted the minimum number of 9 credits to trigger the calculation, the academic standing is based on the GPA calculation, which is based on courses where a grade point value is provided.

5. “W” Grades & Progression: If a student receives a “W” grade, the student will not be permitted to progress in courses where this course is a pre-requisite requirement. A “W” grade is an attempt. 

6. Pre-requisites: A student who presents a “CR” grade in a course will be permitted to progress in future courses where that course is a pre-requisite requirement.

Find your letter grade in mySAIT. 

Grading and progression guidelines, necessitated by COVID-19, have been carefully considered. Make sure to review this information and your grading options carefully before you submit your request.


For the Winter 2020 term, upon completion of a course and notification of a letter grade, students have one of three options: a letter grade, a credit grade or course withdrawal. This will apply only to courses impacted due to COVID-19. Any course completed before the April 1 withdrawal deadline are not eligible.

  1. Log in to mySAIT
  2. Choose Student Profile in the Academic Records & Schedules menu
  3. Choose Academic Transcripts 
  4. Choose Submit (use the default information)
  5. Review your grades


We encourage you to speak to your academic chair or program advisor to understand the best option for you.

Appeal of Final Grades:

Students can decide to either accept the grade assessed or to request the “CR” or “W” grade by the deadline set by the Office of the Registrar. No changes will be made after that deadline. A student cannot submit a grade appeal for a course where the student has selected the “CR/W” option.