SAIT uses MyCreds™️ — Canada’s digital document wallet — to issue your official transcripts in a secure digital format. MyCreds™️ is the official online document sharing system of the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC). 


All transcripts will be uploaded to MyCreds™️ when you complete your credit program or when you request an official transcript. This allows you to access your documents and share them as often as you need. 


When your document is available, you will receive an email from MyCreds™️ including a link to register and activate your account — look for this in your personal email address. Documents for graduating students will be uploaded to MyCreds after their conferral date. 

The instructions below will show you how to register and activate your MyCreds account. They will also show you how to purchase share credits at a cost of $20 plus applicable taxes. This is required for you to view your transcripts and send a copy to any post-secondary institution, employer or other third-party.

SAIT no longer sends transcripts to third parties. It is your responsibility to share your documents with a post-secondary institution, employer or third party organization through MyCreds™️.

Note: If you require an official transcript prior to your conferral date, you graduated before 2021 or have completed additional courses after graduating, please request a copy through mySAIT. Instructions for this can be found here.

Register and activate your MyCreds account

  1. Click the register button in the email you receive from — look for this in your personal email address.    

  2. Type your first name, last name, create a password and click submit. You will receive an activation email shortly after this. Click the Activate my Account button found in the email.
  3. Log in using your email and password.            

Access and share your transcript

  1. Select the pay button next to the document you wish to view. The share button will be greyed out unless you have added and paid for share credits.
    1. The pay button will not appear next to transcripts uploaded prior to February 2022. Select the document you wish to share and click "Add More" to share a copy with yourself or a third-party. 
  2. Select the number of credits you wish to purchase. Each credit you purchase will allow you to share your letter one time. Enter the following information and click pay to process your payment when complete.
    1. Full address including the postal code. 
    2. Credit card number.
    3. Email address.
    4. Note: the address entered must match the billing address for the credit card used for payment. Failure to use the correct address may result in your payment being rejected. 
  3. After you pay, you can now view your chosen document at any time. 
  4. Click Share next to the transcript you wish to send.
  5. Select Send My Document to a Registered Organisation to share your transcript with a third-party affiliated with MyCreds.
  6. If the organization name doesn't appear when typing it into the recipient field, select Generate a Link to my Documents. An email address must be entered all other information is optional. Click continue to complete this step.
    1. Note: Choose this option if you require a copy for your records use your email in the Recipient Email field. This counts as a share and will require one share credit.
  7. Choose Share in the confirmation window.
  8. A notification will appear confirming your transcript has been shared. Click ok to return to the details of your chosen document.


Once your share credits have been used, you will need to purchase more to share your document again. You do not need to purchase credits to view unless your document is updated.

To learn more about MyCreds™️, please visit the website and explore the FAQs. If you have questions about your documents and credentials, please contact the Office of the Registrar. 

More information can be found in the helpful links below including how to request your credential and accessing your official transcript through MyCreds.

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