What is MyCreds™️?

Canadian colleges and universities in association with ARRUC (Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada) launched MyCreds™️ in Fall 2020. It offers learners and graduates a national, secure digital wallet for sharing official post-secondary transcripts and credentials. MyCreds™️ provides mobile learners 24/7 access to view and share their transcripts, documents and credentials when they want and where they the want — anytime, anywhere. Check out their website for more information.

Why did SAIT start using MyCreds™️?

The partnership with ARRUC and onboarding to the MyCreds™️ platform serves a dual purpose for SAIT:

  1. The ability to share and receive secure digital wallets provides our students autonomous control of their credentials. 
  2. To promote and protect the value of a SAIT credential and the organizational reputation for high-quality applied education.


Benefits of MyCreds

For students and alumni:

  • Enables student mobility: The ability to exchange academic data digitally and quickly aids faster transfer credit assessments. It is easier and faster for students.
  • Exceptional student and alumni services: 24/7 service for students and alumni to access and share their digitalized official academic documents anywhere/anytime which is a vast improvement over manual processing time and waiting for transcripts and other documents to arrive by mail. 
  • Improved applicant services: Admission decisions can be made faster for in-province, out-of-province, and international students. 
  • Supports student and alumni career goals: With all official, verified documents available digitally in their credential wallet, students and alumni can prove their educational credentials on the spot to prospective employers and others, worldwide. 

What SAIT documents will be available on MyCreds™️?

SAIT students will be able to receive the following digital documents on the MyCreds™️ platform.


Available to SAIT students on MyCreds


Currently available  — review how to access through MyCreds™

Official transcripts

Currently available  — review how to access through MyCreds™

Confirmation of enrolmentCurrently available  — review how to access through MyCreds™

Letters of completion

Currently available  — review how to access through MyCreds™


Do I need to pay for my documents on MyCreds™️?

It depends on the document type. SAIT does not charge for Credentials, so you will not have to pay to view or share this document with third parties.


For other documents such as an official transcript, confirmation of enrolment or letter of completion, you will have to pay to view the document for the first time. This will allow you to share your document once. You will have to pay each time you want to download the document or share it with a third party. You will pay the share fee directly in the MyCreds™️ Learner Portal.

What is a share credit?

A share credit is the term used by MyCreds™️ to indicate if you have paid for the ability to view or share a document. By default, you will not have any share credits on your MyCreds™️ account when you first use the platform.


When you need to view your document for the first time, you will have the ability to buy 1 or more share credits at that time. This gives you the ability to see your document any time from anywhere. Each credit allows you to download a copy of your document for your records or share one with a third party.  1 share credit = 1 document share = Pay to Share.



How do I get share credits?

You can buy share credits directly in the MyCreds™️ learner portal by using a valid credit card. Use this link to see how.

How do I pay to share my document on MyCreds™️?

You will need to pay to share your document on the MyCreds™️ learner portal. You will use the share credits you have purchased to share your document. When you share the document a share credit will be used. Use this link to see how. 


Why did my payment get rejected?

MyCreds™️ requires you to enter the full billing address of the credit card you are using. If your payment is rejected, double check you have entered the billing address correctly.

How many times can I share a document with someone?

You can share your document as many times as you like or need to. Each time you share a document, you will need to pay to share (except for credentials, these documents are free to share).


Will a person I share a document with always have access to my document?

It depends.  Most of the time, the third party will always have access to your documents.  

The following are the exceptions:

  • When sharing a document with a third party, you have the option to add an expiration date for the share. This is optional. Once the expiration date for the share is reached, the share link will no longer work for the third party.
  • If for some reason, SAIT had to revoke a document that was issued to you and you had shared this document with a third party, the link to the revoked document would not work for the third party.  You or the third party will no longer be able to see the revoked document in the MyCreds™️ platform.




Can I request a document from SAIT on MyCreds™️?

No. The request process for documents remains the same with MyCreds™️.  The MyCreds™️ platform is only used to share the document with you after you request it.

For example, you will continue to request an official transcript on mySAIT. When the transcript is ready and available on MyCreds™️, you will receive an email.


How do I know the document I requested from SAIT is available on MyCreds™️?

You will receive an email from MyCreds™️ to let you know.  To ensure you can receive an email from MyCreds™️, ensure you have an active email address on your student record.

The first time you receive a document on MyCreds™️ you will need to register and activate your account on the MyCreds™️ learner portal.  After that, you will just sign in to access your documents.

How long will it take to get my documents on MyCreds™️?

Once you request your document, the following table will outline when it will be available on the MyCreds™️ Learner portal.


Request processing time


Request not required. Your credentials will be available on MyCreds™️ at the time of your conferral. 

Official Transcripts

5 business days

Confirmation of Enrolment

5 business days



How do I log into MyCreds™️?

You will log into MyCreds™️ using your email address and whatever password you chose at the time of registration.  Review the MyCreds FAQs to learn more.

Who can I share a document with on MyCreds™️?

You can share your document with anyone you need to.  All you need is an email address for the person you need to share the document with.

What if someone I shared a document with, does not accept a digital document from MyCreds™️?

As more Canadian post-secondary institutions are onboarded to MyCreds™️, this should be an exception.  If it does happen to you, please confirm how the third-party organization wishes to accept your documents. You may need to share a copy with yourself which you can email or print.

Have the organization contact SAIT’s Office of the Registrar so we can work with them on an effective method to receive a copy of your transcript, credential or student letter in the future..


What if I can’t log in to MyCreds™️ or forgot my password - Who should I contact?

If you have never logged into MyCreds™️ and you cannot find the activation, email you received when a document was issued to you, you’ll need to contact SAIT’s Office of the Registrar

If you have forgotten your password for MyCreds™️ you can use the “Can’t sign in?” option on the MyCreds™️ login page. MyCreds Login


My document has a status of “Revoked”, what does this mean?

A document that was issued to you by SAIT has been revoked or removed.  You will no longer be able to view the document.   Most likely, we will have issued you a new document to replace the “Revoked” document. 

It is important to note, that if you had shared the “Revoked” document with a third party, the links to the document will no longer work.  Also, if you had purchased any share credits for the “Revoked” document, they are no longer valid.



Will I always have access to my documents on MyCreds™️?

Yes, you will! Your documents will always be available on the platform for you to access anytime from anywhere.  

You may need an updated document in the future, such as a transcript. If you do, then you will need to request an official transcript and the updated transcript will be made available on the MyCreds™️ platform.


Can I download my document from MyCreds™️?

It depends on the document and whether there is a cost to share the document.

If you want to download your credential you will be able to do this in the MyCreds™️ Learner Portal, as credentials are free of charge.

If you want to download a transcript, you will need to first share the transcript (which requires a payment) with yourself (use your email address) and then access the transcript via the shared link.  You can then download the transcript.


Will the person I shared a document with be able to download the document from MyCreds™️?

Yes, any third party you share your document with, will be able to download the document.