Submitting an Application 

1. Go to

2. Complete all fields, accept the terms and conditions, and click Create Account. To complete the verification of your VAS account you will be required to log in to the email address registered. Make sure the email is accurate and you have access to it.

3. You will receive an email from; click on click here to verify your email. Once you receive notification that your registration has been confirmed, go to If you do not see the email, please check the junk folder, and add to you safe contacts list.

4. This will take you to VAS. Click Click here to start your application. 

5. This will take you to the application form. Complete the fields for the personal information page.


A '*" indicates a mandatory field. Any missed required fields will be highlights in red.

6. If you previously studied in Alberta, please enter your Alberta Student number (ASN). Don't remember it? No problem, use the link to look it up!

7.  Are you a previous or current SAIT student? Enter your SAIT student ID if you know it. This will help us easily connect your new VAS account to your current SAIT student ID.

8. Would you like to share your applications information with someone else? Enter their contact information. 

9. Once the section has completed, click Next to move to the next section.

10. This will now take you to the Applicant's Current Address of Residence. Complete all relevant fields. Click Next. Continue to complete all relevant information in the subsequent tabs.

11. Other Information allows you to now apply for your desired programs and terms. Select your desired choices, different fields will appear based on your selections. 

12. Once you have selected all your programs, you will be prompted to upload your required and optional documentation. Your passport is a mandatory document. Please include as much information as much information as needed help us quickly assess your application.

When submitting your documents ( educational documents and transcripts) in VAS:

  • Please submit your original secondary school/ or post-secondary documents with certified English translations.
  • Scan your original documents in colour. Please do not email or mail SAIT copies or originals of your documents.
  • If you are currently upgrading or plan to take an English Proficiency Assessment test, you will need to provide sufficient evidence of your course and test registration.

13. In the Application Summary & Terms and Conditions, please review and confirm your selections and personal information for accuracy and accept the terms and conditions. Click Save. 

14. Confirm your payment and add any coupon codes. If you add a coupon code, please click on Apply Coupon. Click Pay Now. You will now be taken to Pay My Tuition (Payment Portal) to complete your payment.

15. Select the relevant country you will paying from. The non-refundable payment amount will be defaulted.

16. Select the type of payment method. Click Next

17. Validate the applicant email address, complete all required fields.

18. Complete the contact information with your payment information. Click Next

19. Validate the student information. Click Next

20. Validate payment information. Click Pay Now.

21. Click PAY NOW. Complete payment information, click PAY.

22. Once you have completed your payment, you will be taken back to your VAS Information page with your application and payment history. You will be notified once the status of your application has been updated. Kindly allow up to 10 business days for your application to be processed once we have all required transcripts and documents. Processing time willl vary based on application volume. 

23. You may monitor the status of your application by logging in to VAS please login to VAS for any updates to your application. Viewing Applications: You are able to view your applications by going Applications and selecting View Applications.