Navigating in VAS

1. Go to

2. Complete all fields, accept the terms and conditions, and click Create Account. To complete the verification of you VAS account you will be required to log in to the email address registered. Make sure the email is accurate and you have access to it.

3. You will receive an email from ; click on Click here to verify your email. Once you receive notification that your registration has been confirmed, go to . If you do not see the email, check the junk folder, and add to your safe contacts list. 

4. This will take you to the VAS main page. Your default view will be the list of your applications. 

5. To view an application, go to Applications, View Applications and click on your desired application. 

6. Once you open the Application, you will now see additional details regarding the application.

7. This view allows you to send messages regarding this application to SAIT, upload documents and or/transcripts, or apply for additional programs. 

8. You can also see the status update changes, any emails that have been sent, payments etc.

9. What does each status mean:

Send Message 

Use this feature to send a message to SAIT if you have any additional information to provide to SAIT or to reply to a message from SAIT staff. If you are applying through an agent, all messages will also be viewable by the agent.

Note! Please do not request status updates through send message. The status stated in VAS the most up to date information and will be updated once the status has changed. 

If you are having any issues with VAS, please Contact us here.

  1. Click Applications and select View Applications. 
  2. Find the Application you would like to send a message for. 
  3. Click Send Message.
  4. Type in the message you would like to send to SAIT staff.
  5. Click Save.

Upload Document

  1. Click Applications and select View Applications. 
  2. Find the Application you would like to upload a document for. 
  3. Click Upload Document
  4. Upload required documents or transcripts
  5. Click Save.


View Update 

  1. Click on Information and select View Updates.
  2. Make sure you check here to see if there are any new important updates for any SAIT updates you need to be aware of.


By default, your notifications are enabled to ensure you receive updates to your applications. You can manage it in the Notifications view. 

  1.  Click on your Profile Icons and select Notification. 
  2. In the User Notifications page, check the type of email notifications you would like to receive.
  3. Click Save.

Change Password

  1. Click on your Profile Icons and select Change Password.
  2. Type in your Old Password. 
  3. Enter in your New Password and repeat it in the Confirm Password field.

Questions? Check our Knowledge Base for answers or Contact us and our advisors will be happy to help!