Depending on the Con Ed course you are taking, there may be an exam requirement. The exam (which may be online or in-person, or a combination of both) may or may not require proctoring/invigilation. Who can administer and proctor the exam may also vary. Your instructor and course material will provide important exam details including how and when to write your exams.


Exam Testing Services & Resources at SAIT


The Lamb Learner Centre at SAIT offers on-campus testing services for online and paper-based exams for SAIT-enrolled students. They also offer services to distribute, proctor and collect exams for external organizations and other post-secondaries. Learn more about SAIT Testing Services.


Are you studying Non-Destructive Testing and looking to be government-certified in a NDT method? SAIT is an Authorized Examination Centre for NDT Certification. We offer written and practical government examinations for five NDT methods. Learn more about our testing service for NDT Certification Exams.