Second Choice Program 

After you complete the application for your preferred program, you have the option to choose a second choice program if your first choice is not available.

This is different from a second academic program, please see below for additional information. Choosing the two programs must be done during the same application before you pay one application fee of $150. For more information on waitlists, please visit Waitlists ( 

Application preference

When you apply to SAIT, you will be able to select up to two programs per application.

  • You will be asked which program is your first choice and which is your second during the application process.
  • If your first choice program is not available, the application will be cancelled and you will be evaluated for the second choice program only.
  • You will be sent an offer letter if there is space in your chosen program AND you have submitted documents or sufficient evidence to prove you will meet the admission requirements.

Second Academic Program (Bundle)

The Second Academic Program (or bundle) allows you to combine two individual certificate programs into one application. Upon completion of your first selected program, you are then able to complete your second certificate program. 

 Review International Bundle Programs to learn more including the available programs.