The information below is for all domestic applicants. Learn more about the International Portal also known as the Virtual Admission System or VAS here.

After you apply, you can access everything you need all in one place. Your domestic admissions portal is where you can upload your documents and find everything you need for all of your applications.

Application statuses and decisions

You can view your application status directly from your portal. Any action that affects your application status will be updated right away. You can easily identify a new decision and access the associated letter. Review tracking your application to learn more about the different statuses and decisions.

Please note: only letters originally issued after October 4, 2023 will be available through your portal.

Application checklist

Easily identify the admission requirements we’ve received and which ones we are waiting for.

  • Awaiting will appear next to anything we still need from you.
  • Received means we have the item. 
  • Waived is used for any mandatory items that don’t apply to your application.

Upload materials

You can now upload your documents during your application. If you miss this step, or you receive new transcripts, you can add them to your account directly through your portal.

Recent Activities

This is where you can see the most recent actions you’ve taken or documents you’ve uploaded.

Verify your personal information

You can update your information including your mailing, permanent and email addresses directly from your status page.


In some cases, you may need to complete certain forms before you can be fully admitted. Mandatory forms will appear in the main screen while optional ones are off to the side.