Our course catalog is your best resources to find which classes you need to choose each semester. Follow the steps below to make sure you register in the correct courses.

  1. Go to catalog.sait.ca.
  2. Select the catalog for the academic year you started your current program.
  3. Choose how you wish to search for your courses.
    1. Searching by program/category organizes all programs in alphabetical order.
    2. Program/category by school breaks programs up by faculty.
    3. Courses by school organizes individual courses under the responsible faculty.
  4. After you choose your program, scroll down to find the courses by term under the Program Outline section.

It's important to always speak with your acadmeic advisor or program admin for any questions regarding class schedules and required pre-requisites. You can also find answers to you class and schedule questions through the links below.

Important Links

Course Catalog

Getting your Class Schedule

Common Self-Registration Questions

Course Delivery Meet Types

Making Sense of your Schedule