As a registered apprentice, you will now receive one of four different education credential in addition to your Journeyperson certificate once you successfully complete your apprenticeship program. These new credentials, developed as part of the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act (STAEA), are included in the Alberta Credential Framework and provide an opportunity to recognize the apprenticeship learning model as a respected form of post-secondary education. This will strengthen your pathways into, through and beyond your apprenticeship program. 

Credential formula

Different trades require a different number of hours in the classroom and on-the-job. Because of this, the following formula was created to determine which credential you’re eligible to receive based on the length of your program.  

  • 15 hours classroom instruction = 1 credit OR,
  • 300 hours of on-the-job instruction = 1 credit.

Review Tradesecrets to learn more about the credits assigned to your program.

Available credentials

Here is a list of credentials below includes the programs eligible to receive them.

Note: * represents Red Seal Designated trade

  • Advanced Diploma (80 or more credits)
    1. Agricultural Equipment Technician *
    2. Automotive Service Technician *
    3. Cabinet Maker*
    4. Carpenter*
    5. Electric Motor Systems Technician*
    6. Electrician*
    7. Heavy Equipment Technician
    8. Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)*
    9. Instrumentation and Control Technician*
    10. Machinist*
    11. Plumber*
    12. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic*
    13. Sheet Metal Worker*
    14. Steamfitter-Pipefitter*
  • Diploma (60-79 credits)
    1. Appliance Service Technician
    2. Auto Body Technician*
    3. Bricklayer*
    4. Cook*
    5. Gasfitter Class A*
    6. Heavy Equipment Technician - Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic (Off Road) *
    7. Heavy Equipment Technician - Truck and Transport Mechanic *
    8. Motorcycle Mechanic *
    9. Recreation Vehicle Service Technician *
    10. Welder *
  • Certificate (30-59 credits)
    1. Appliance Service Technician - Commercial Appliance Service Technician
    2. Auto Body Technician - Auto Body Refinisher*
    3. Auto Body Technician - Auto Body Repairer
    4. Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operator - Mobile Crane
    5. Gasfitter - Class B*
    6. Insulator (Heat and Frost)*
    7. Ironworker (Metal Building Systems Erector)
    8. Ironworker (Reinforcing)*
    9. Ironworker (Structural/Ornamental)*
    10. Parts Technician - Materials Technician
    11. Parts Technician - Parts Technician*
    12. Roofer*
  • Certificate of Achievement (no credit assigned)
    1. Auto Body Technician - Auto Body Prepper
    2. Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operator - Boom Truck
    3. Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operator - Wellhead Boom Truck
    4. Heavy Equipment Technician - Transport Trailer Mechanic