Your tuition deposit is required after you’ve received your offer of admission.

  • The deposit is equal to approximately 20% of your total fees for your first term.
  • This will be applied to your tuition –  the remaining balance will be available and is due after you choose your schedule.
  • Your offer will expire if the deposit is not received by the deadline listed on your offer letter.
  • Tuition deposit extensions will not be accepted.

Click here to learn more about the tuition deposit amounts for domestic and international applicants. Find your tuition deposit deadline in your offer letter or the application checklist on mySAIT.

How to pay

SAIT accepts payment in one of five online methods:

SAIT does not accept over-the-phone or in-person payments at this time.

** Beginning July 30, 2020 a 2.5% service fee will be charged on all credit card payments and a 1.5% service fee will be added to all Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit transactions. These service fees are non-refundable.