Covid-19 update

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, paper documentation cannot currently be produced.


Printed credentials will not be available until further notice. 


If you wish to follow up, email please note that given the high volume of inquiries the response time may take longer than usual.

SAIT offers credentials in both credit and non-credit programs, including certificates of achievement, certificates of completion, certificates, diplomas, baccalaureate degrees and applied degrees. There is no charge to order an original credential, unless you completed your program prior to 1995.


Timeframe to complete credential requirements

  • Unless otherwise stated, students must complete all required courses within five (5) years to be eligible for a certificate of achievement, a certificate of completion, or a certificate (credit program).
  • Students must complete required courses within seven (7) years to be eligible for a diploma, baccalaureate degree or applied degree.
  • Refer to the Credentials Policy and Procedure (AC.2.17.1) for additional information.


Ordering and receiving your credential


Continuing Education programs

If you've completed your program through continuing education, you will need to fill out the Credential Request form and submit it to Office of the Registrar at Make sure all of your final grades have been entered before submitting the form. 


Credentials are printed four times a year - Jan. 15, May 15, July 15 and Sep. 15. You can expect to receive your credentials four to six weeks from the print date to allow time for printing, proofing, packaging and mailing.


Full-time programs

If you have earned your credential through a full-time day program, you are not required to submit a Credential Request form. You will automatically receive your credential at your convocation ceremony. If you are not attending convocation, your credential will be mailed to you after the ceremony.


In case you need a duplicate or replacement of your credential, please fill out the Credential Request form and submit it to Office of the Registrar at 

Duplicate credentials

The Office of the Registrar will issue a duplicate credential to a graduate:

  1. whose name has changed*
  2. whose credential has been lost or damaged*
  3. who completed a program but who did not receive the credential


Duplicate credentials are produced upon the graduate’s request and upon the graduate paying the applicable fee and completing the necessary documentation. 


The form to request a reprint is the Credential Request form


If a name change is required the credential request must be accompanied by a Change Name and/or Address and appropriate documentation as listed on the form. 


There is a fee to reprint a credential if requested two years or more after the graduation date, the fee is currently $75 (subject to change)


Graduates can expect to receive their duplicate credential in approximately 8 weeks from the time the request is processed to allow time for preparing, proofing, printing, packaging and mailing to a Canadian address. Please allow additional time for US or International deliveries. 


*Note: In the case of a name change or damaged/destroyed credentials, the old parchment must be returned to the Office of the Registrar before a new one will be issued.