In addition to your physical certificate, you will also receive a digital credential via blockchain technology.

We've partnered with ODEM, an international On-Demand Education Marketplace, to provide your digital credential on the blockchain through their Ethereum-based platform. Blockchain technology will give you full control over your educational records with safe storage and management of viewing privileges. Records on the blockchain are completely secure, so they cannot be tampered with or modified. This gives you electronic proof of your education, allowing you to share it with prospective employers immediately, securely and without any fees.


Digital credentials on blockchain are secure, free, readily verifiable and immediately shareable, and will serve you well as you embark on your journey of employment or further education.

In order to create your digital credential, SAIT is sharing with the digital credential creator, on a confidential basis, your name, your SAIT email address, your preferred email address and the name of your credential.

When your graduation process starts you'll receive an email with further information and the possibility to opt-out from this service if you prefer not to have a digital credential.