An alternate method for international students to pay their deposit and tuition fees is to use the CIBC International Student Pay portal. 

To send your fees

  1. Log in: log in to the CIBC International Student Pay secure web portal using your SAIT ID number.
  2. Provide payment details: once you enter the platform, simply enter the fee amount in Canadian dollars, then identify your preferred currency and method of payment. If using a bank wire, you'll be shown the amount required in your preferred currency to pay your student fees in Canadian dollars based on the competitive FX rate CIBC is providing SAIT. The quoted exchange rate is locked-in for 72 hours – meaning no currency fluctuations during this period as you finalize your transaction.
  3. Enter payer details: indicate whether it is you, your parents or an agent acting on your behalf. Carefully review the Terms & Conditions provided by CIBC, and when ready, click accept and submit.
  4. Process transaction: for all payment methods, you'll receive a transaction receipt and a reference code. If using a bank wire, print the payment instructions and reference code and deliver to your local bank within 72 hours. Your bank simply follows the instructions and sends the funds to SAIT. You'll receive a confirmation email when SAIT receives your payment.
CIBC International Student Pay

CIBC International Student Pay

Get a quote, detailed payment instructions and pay your tuition fees.