1. What is a statement?
    1. A statement is an electronic version of your SAIT account balance.

  2. Where can I find my statement?
    1. Statements are available by logging in to mySAIT - select the MyStudent tab to find the link. 
    2. Select Account statement - on demand found in the Finance Information.

  3. How do I generate a statement?
    1. Log in to mySAIT and select the MyStudent tab.
    2. Choose Account Statement - On Demand found in the Finance Information.
    3. Select the On Demand Statement button. Note: it may take 3 to 5 seconds for the button to appear.
    4. If requested, choose the appropriate term for the list of transactions you require.
    5. Your statement should appear in a few moments. You can then print a copy or save one for your records

  4. How do I read the statement?
    1. Your statement will provide information in multiple sections. The sections included are:
      1. Student information, dates, terms and balance
      2. Overall account balance - this is the balance across all terms associated with your account
      3. Account Activity for the term chosen for the statement (Please note this may not tie to the account balance if you have charges or payments from previous terms)
      4. Total of charges for the term selected
      5. Total credits for term selected (ie. Payments, discounts, scholarships etc.)
      6. List of Terms with outstanding balances
      7. Total amount of outstanding balances
  5. What is the difference between an Account Activity, Receipt and Statement?
    1. There are key differences between Account Activity, Receipt and Statement.
      1. Account Activity is a list of all transactions applied to your account - found on mySait, myStudent tab, Financial information section, Account information link
      2. Receipt is a record of payment -receipts are generated after payments are made and sent by email or printed by student
      3. Statement is a statement of your account balance with term details - instructions to access this found above in question 3.

Review payment options for more details on this process. You can also find useful the following articles:

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