At SAIT, we work with authorized agents around the world to assist future international students with applying to SAIT. Authorized agents receive specialized training from SAIT, including information about SAIT programs, admission requirements and processes. Authorized agents may assist applicants with:


  • completing applications
  • submitting transcripts
  • fees and payments
  • program and application inquiries
  • immigration (study permits and visa/eTA)
  • housing options.


Authorized agents cannot do any of the following:

  • complete program selection requirements for a student
  • guarantee admission
  • guarantee a study permit*



If you are considering working with an agent, please be aware of the following:

SAIT uses an extensive application and screening process to ensure the business practices of authorized agents meet industry standards. However, SAIT cannot guarantee the work of agencies, using an agency is solely the student's choice and responsibility.

Some agents may charge a fee for services. SAIT recommends students discuss all services and associated fees with the agent in advance and request this information in writing.

Students should review and understand all contracts before signing with an agency. Note that contracts are between the student and the agency, not between the student and SAIT.

Applicants are responsible for meeting all SAIT deadlines and requirements.

Tuition fee payments are always payable to SAIT, not to an agency.

If you are using an agent, you must complete and submit an Information Waiver Form. This form allows SAIT to communicate directly with your agent.

International Agents





Our agent application/review period is now closed, please check back next year.


To inquire about becoming an authorized agent, please contact us at:


* No one can guarantee a student's entry to Canada. Agencies with a Canadian office location must have an RCIC on staff or provide proof of working relationship with an immigration lawyer or consultant who is in good standing with ICCRC.